‘Game Of Thrones’ quick recap,Season 6 Episode 8,’No One’

-The head of the Tully guard made a poor career choice.
-An undignified offscreen death for the Blackfish.My heart goes out for him.
-The waif reminds me of the invincable robot from Terminator 2 for some reason?!!
-Missandei should stop making jokes.Like seriously.STAAAHHHPP.
-We’ll never get to know what really happened in the brothel with the honeycomb and the jackass.Literally the guy has been trying to tell the joke since season one.
-No trial by combat.Well played Sparrow.
-A girl is going home.
-Anyone know the rumor Qyburn looked into for Cersei?
-Blatant fuck off to the Cleganebowl theory.
-Gendry is probably still rowing away into oblivion.
-Probably the only redeeming factor was the Hounds one liner “I Prefer Chicken”.

How To Introduce Yourself In An Interview.

Hello people of the internet, in this post we will discuss the points to keep in mind when an interviewer asks you to tell them something about yourself. ‘Tell me about yourself ‘ also known as the ice breaker, is one of the most common interview questions and because it can be interpreted in many different ways,it usually leaves you confused.Now remember what the panel wants to hear is just a short brief introduction of yourself and not your autobiography.It should include :

  • Your Name .
  • Your Hometown .
  • Your Education in short .
  • Work Experience (if any ) .
  • any major projects you have worked on.
  • and What Makes You a Suitable Candidate for the Required Position .

Now suppose you want a job in the business administration field and you don’t have prior work experience , you should probably say : My Name is Mili Motwani and I hail from Lucknow. I have a Bachelors degree in Commerce and a Masters degree in business administration (Note : Try to not to use abbreviations ) .I am a very quick learner and Human Resources has always piqued my interest.I have a good theoretical knowledge in the subject and I am honest,self motivated and optimistic.I love to explore  and gather information.Apart from that, I am also fluent in Spanish. Thats it.Remember, if the interviewer wants more details, he’ll ask for them. In case you have prior experience,try to highlight it and turn it into a brownie point.It could be your winning shot.Thanks for reading guys, have a good day 🙂 .